What is essential oil cohobation equipment.

Cohobation is a process used in the production of essential oils in which the oil is separated from the water that it is suspended in after distillation. This process is used to purify the oil and remove any remaining impurities or water-soluble substances that may be present.

Cohobation equipment is specialized machinery or equipment used to perform the cohobation process. This equipment may include distillation columns, condensers, and separators, which are used to separate the oil from the water.

The specific design and operation of cohobation equipment will depend on the type of essential oil being processed and the desired purity of the final product. In some cases, multiple rounds of cohobation may be necessary in order to fully purify the oil.

Cohobation is an important step in the production of high-quality essential oils, as it helps to ensure that the oil is pure and free of any impurities or contaminants. It is typically performed after distillation, and is often followed by additional steps such as filtration or refining in order to further purify the oil.